Bare with me as I watch and talk about my favorite movie genre (and honestly favorite genre in general) … HORROR!! Up until about a year ago I would get scared at the smallest things, like when I heard a creak in the house, or when I was told that Renee Zellweger was in a horror movie (lol) but now I literally cannot not get enough of horror movies, scary games, creepypastas, podcasts like NoSleep, Lore, and Darkest Night, YouTube channels like Rob Dyke, Cayleigh Elise, and Mr. Nightmare, and anything else that gives me the creeps.

I love it when the main character goes crazy, when the movie fucks with your reality, the supernatural (less of the slasher shit, unless it’s the Evil Dead), and I have a real soft spot for found footage (whoever said that found footage is dead can eat it). I have some favorites, but my goal is to watch and absorb every part of this genre, from the big box office productions to the C-list filmed-with-my-iPhone-in-my-basement home movies. Let’s binge them all.

*Disclaimers: Profanity. Grammar and Spelling Errors. Over-use of the word “Awesome”*