Enjoy, as I watch and talk about my favorite genre … HORROR!! Up until 2015 I would get scared at the smallest things, but now I cannot not get enough of horror movies, scary games, creepypastas, true crime, horror podcasts, unnerving YouTube channels, and anything else that gives me the chills. I also get out once in a while and drag my husband and daughter on some occasional haunted exploring and ghost hunting!

I have a real soft spot for found footage, love possession movies, and love it when the main character gets gaslighted into insanity and the movie messes with your reality. I have some favorites, but my goal is to watch and absorb every part of this genre, from the big box office productions to amateur home movies and everything in between.

The Scale:

1 – Infuriatingly unwatchable

5 – Not good, but not bad. A movie that when someone asked if you like it you go “eh”

10 – Something that I could watch on repeat for days

*Disclaimers: Profanity, Poor Grammar and Spelling Errors.*

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