Ghost Hunt Round 3: Devil’s Tower. In one of the best birthday presents I could have ever recieved, my husband and I went on a trip to explore the abandoned and haunted Devil’s Tower in Concrete, Washington! Just off the bank of Lake Shannon lies the ruins of the Washington Portland Cement Company factory, with several buildings still standing, however very condemed. Many people have died exploring the tower and it’s said that they still haunt the grounds to this day. And I absolutley had to visit it.

Note: This is an off limits area so please explore at your own risk. Its a very hazardous place.


After driving up a winding road covered in Do No Trespass signs, we make it to the gate. It was eerily quiet up there, even though there were houses and a town in the same valley, which set the mood for the entire voyage. We left the car and ventured up the road, and came across the first builind, set farther away from the tower. It looked like an old storage shed and could have also been a maintenance shop for equipment used at the neighboring quarry.



Graffiti covered literally every reachable inch of wall on every building, and even in places where it would have taken incredible skill to reach. Some of the art was fantastic! While others were … creative. And vulgar to say the least. Regardless it was oddly fun to see it all and it added color and a real sense of abandonment.

The next building that we saw was a solitary tower through the trees and looking fairly out of place. We walked around it and was able to get a peek at the conveyer belt that led to a secondary tower down the hill. We decided to check out the main building first and then make our way down.


Just around the corner and up the hill from the shed was the tower. It stood ominously behind the mossy trees and looked a lot smaller than it actually was below. Once we got near it though, it’s basement levels started to appear and gave it a massive look.




The main bulding stood in shambles, with ground that had given way and exposed cars and cement everywhere we went. We were warned before we even went up there to be careful, and the stories of the people that have died exploring here kept us on our toes. The rain didn’t help with footing at all, but it definitely did help to set the mood.



As we got our first look around the outside of the building, we were trying to decide the best way to get in. We chose the least easy, but most interesting route and went through a hole in one of the outer open rooms and then around the bottom part of the conveyer belt.

Once we scale around the belt, we make it to the main room of the building. There are holes where the floor should have been, and you could see what was left of the basement level. We also walked around the stairs to the top of the tower, where the belt reached the top. We decided to go down the lower level before going up and made our way around the holes to the other side.



When we did make it to the other side of the room, it opened up to see the lake, and with as decrepid as the building was, the view was incredible.



We made it down to the basement and we stopped in our tracks. It may have been our imaginations playing tricks on us, but both of us heard a faint sound of a woman singing! It was barely a whisper, but audible enough that we could hear it over the crunching of our shoes and the rain outside. There were no other cars at the gate and we didn’t see or hear anyone else around us. It chilled us to the bone, but we decided to keep going.






We saw that there was a secondary conveyer belt along a sky bridge to another tower off in the distance. We skirted the side of the building and found another hole in the wall that allowed us to get inside the shaft. We decided not to climb to the end of it because it did not look like it was in the best shape to hold two people, but the images are awesome!



After exploring the lowest level, we turned around and started to climb to the top. The stairs were crumbling away, surprisingly sturdy as we climbed up. On the way, there was a point where we could hop off onto the mid level roof and get a good look at the view around us. And it was beautiful.




We finally made it to the top! There was the top of the conveyer as well as what looked like some maintenance ladders that looked very unstable. My husband decided to climb ALL the way to the top, but I wasn’t that brave.




We did it! We conquered the Devil’s Tower! We took a few last looks around and headed out back down the stairs. We made our down the road a ways and decided to check out the other gravel silo looking building near the shore. It seemed a little too far to go around to the road, so we took a shortcut down the hill and I would be lying if I said I didn’t fall the rest of the way down. It was definitely worth it though! The overgrowth on the building was awesome!





After we were done exploring, we headed back up the road and came across a creepy, dark tunnel that led under the upper road. We decided that going down it may not be the best idea, but that didn’t stop us from yelling “Echo” down the tunnel.


And with that, we said goodbye to Devil’s Tower and headed back to the car. We didn’t see anything ghostly, but we heard what I swear was a woman singing and saw some pretty cool sights while we were exploring! It was an incredible place and now that we know the layout, hopefully we can venture back up there at night and let the real ghost hunting begin! But until then, it was an incredible experience and a very fun birthday!